We are a company dedicated to offer a comprehensive import service supporting them in their growth and achieving their goals of globalization, through Foreign Trade

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  • CDMX International Airport
  • Querétaro Airport
  • Lazaro Cardenas
  • Veracruz
  • Nuevo Laredo
  • Manzanillo

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When I should use commercializer?

Before buying your merchandise abroad, consult us: you will avoid unnecessary expenses, setbacks and even the loss of your product

  • When your time and resources are 100% dedicated to your SME
  • When they are not familiar with the import rules and processes
  • To not add importer responsibility to your SME
  • When companies do not have the general register of importers
  • When you do not want to spend time and resources for importing your goods
  • When you import sporadically
  • When you need to buy your imported product in national territory

WE IMPORT your merchandise from any part of the world, door to door


We are anchor company for the global growth of SMEs


Being one of the best SMEs to work, generating valuable staff

Frequent questions

What merchandise can you carry?

When traveling, as a Mexican you have the right to transport products as part of your personal luggage without paying taxes

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